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Our team is gentle, caring, friendly and accommodating. We provide treatment in a supporting and nurturing environment. Our services include IV sedation in the office with highly trained and skilled dental anesthesiologists. We are also on staff at Regional Medical Center San Jose, so we can take our patients there for dental work under general anesthesia with medical anesthesiologists in an outpatient hospital setting.

This practice has been providing good quality dental care to patients with special needs for the last 35 years. I took over the practice from Dr David Bench in 2002 and have had the good fortune of working with him for 5 years.

We have our referral available for you on this site as well. If you have a patient that you feel would benefit from our specialized services please feel to give us a call, fax, or email the referral along with some of your patients information and we will be happy to see your patient for a consultation. Like most offices any current x-rays and important medical history would also be appreciated.

Once a patient is seen for a consultation in most cases we do require a medical clearance form from the patients medical physician before any treatment can be done. If a patient has any medical issues this helps us decided weather a patient is safe to go forward with treatment. This form is also available on this site. If you are a medical office and have questions regarding this form please give us a call or email.

We at Sikka Dental can assure you that all of our Special Care Dentistry cases have gone through these important steps:

  • Your patients dental treatment questions are answered and understood.
  • Your patients medical conditions are reviewed and is at a safe status to go forward with treatment.
  • Your patients anesthesia questions are answered and understood with the treating anesthesiologist calling the patient the day before treatment to answer any last minute worries.
  • All proper post treatment follow through is handled by both Dr. Sikka and the anesthesiologist

We do try to go above any beyond for our patients to make sure they have a worry free experience. We accept PPO dental insurance plans. Your patients will be treated with the utmost professionalism and respect.

We hope that all your questions have been answered and that you feel comfortable to refer your patient to our practice. If you have any additional questions please feel free to give us a call.

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