Covid Vaccine Protocol

As you can understand we are doing our best to stay in front of all up and coming news regarding Covid-19. Especially if the news/protocol is to help keep our Sikka Dental Family safe and healthy. We get weekly messages from the CDC, CDA, and ADA which helps us be informed from reliable sources.

Current Covid Vaccine guidelines state that if clinicians and patients are both Covid Vaccineated then a pre-covid treatment (aerosolizing procedures) can be administered if all of Covid-19 safety protocols are being followed. It has been suggested that approximately 2 weeks post last vaccine dose is the highest immunity time. This will be the waiting time we will currently require in order to proceed with patients without a Covid-19 test.  With this being said as of 03/16/2021, we will proceed with this guideline at this time. Note that since we are still unsure how long the Covid Vaccine is active and valid in your body's system, that this may result in a protocol change in the future.

Please note that this Covid Vaccine protocol is subject to change at any time without notice should we find out that changes are needed. Also all Covid Vaccine guidelines are subject to clinicians discretion. This means that it is up to the clinician that you are seeing at the moment to follow guidelines they are individually comfortable with. Should they choose not to complete aerosolizing procedures you will be notified.

Have your Completed Covid Vaccine Card?

Please send us an image of the card ASAP via Text (408-259-1280) or Email ([email protected]) so we can update your medical records.

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