What Does Sedation Dentistry Entail?

Sikka Dental and Dr. Nidhi Sikka can provide various care treatments that can improve your overall oral health. For example, sedation dentistry in San Jose, CA, can provide you with many benefits. Here's what you need to know about this type of procedure for your needs.

What is Sedation Dental Care?

Sedation dental care starts by using a sedative to calm your nerves and put you to sleep. Once you're asleep and carefully positioned and prepared, your dentist can clean your teeth, repair fillings, perform surgery, and more. After your treatment is over, you rest off the sedative in a separate room. 

Most sedation dentists ask their patients to get a ride home after treatment, as many people may be groggy for a few hours aftercare. Sedation dental care is often used for people with dental fear or during more intensive procedures that may take hours to finish.

What Are Its Benefits?

Sedation dental care can provide you with many different benefits. For example, it:

  • Minimizes Dental Fear – When getting sedation dentistry in San Jose, CA, you won't have to worry about the risk of profound fear. Our team will make sure you sleep throughout your treatment, making it easier to avoid problems with your oral health. 
  • Increases Treatment Speed – If you're concerned about going through dental treatment, sedation minimizes any problems by ensuring minimal complications. As a result, you can get through your appointment faster and get home without worry. 

Sedation dentists can provide various types of sedation options, including gas and injections based on your needs. For example, if injections scare you, and you don't feel comfortable getting one, you can inhale gas instead and sleep without any agitation.

Give Us Your Dental Business

At Sikka Dental, Dr. Sikka can provide sedation dentistry in San Jose, CA, to meet your needs. If you have dental fear and aren't sure what to do about it, call us at (408) 259-1280 to set up a sedation appointment. Our team will go over the procedure and make sure you feel comfortable with it. In this way, you'll feel ready to get the dental care that you need for your oral health.

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