The Importance of Regular Dental Visits in the Elderly

As we age, there can be many changes to our health and wellness that require routine care and intervention. But while it remains important to see our primary care physician to take care of our bodies, it is equally as important to continue to see a dentist for routine oral care to take care of our teeth and gums. Dr. Nidhi Sikka of Sikka Dental in San Jose, CA, is a premier dentist who can help care for you or your loved one throughout the aging process.

Oral health is often related to our overall health. Therefore, a healthy mouth can help to reduce the risk of other potentially harmful conditions within the body. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of routine oral care in the elderly in San Jose, CA.

Benefits of Seeing a Dentist

While it is important to maintain a daily routine for oral hygiene at all ages, including brushing and flossing, it is equally as important to continue to see a dentist so that they can look closer at your teeth and gums to assess potential problems that may not be evident to those of us without a professional eye. For example, a dentist may find emerging signs of tooth decay or gum disease that, if detected early, may reduce the risk of further health complications.

The emergence of gum disease can increase your risk for heart attack, stroke, and heart disease. Decaying teeth may need to be treated via a root canal, adding additional stress on the body and unnecessary risk to aging individuals. All of these problems can be diminished with regular visits to the dentist, especially if you are in the elderly population in San Jose.

Finding a Dentist That's Right For You

Just like when finding a doctor, it is important to look for a dentist with your unique needs in mind. If you or someone you know is elderly in the San Jose, CA, area, you should consider Dr. Sikka for routine oral care. For questions or appointments please call (408) 259-1280 today.

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